No Plans For An Xbox Live SDK for the Switch—Microsoft

After a lot of rumors going for several months now that Microsoft is bringing its Xbox applications, subscription services, and video games to the Nintendo Switch, it has now been confirmed that Microsoft has “no plans for an Xbox live SDK for the Switch”

Earlier this year rumors started going about when a listing for the Game Developer Conference (GDC) schedule revealed that Microsoft has plans to expand Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and other consoles as well.
Early reports on Twitter coming from GDC have revealed some several details about Microsoft’s future approach to the Switch.

Russell Holly, the Managing Editor of PlayStation, Nintendo, tweeted that Microsoft has officially revealed there are no plans for an Xbox Live software development kit for the Switch as of now.
The new SDK will allow developers to implement Xbox Live, Azure PlayFab, DirectX, Mixer and more on Android and iOS devices.
Fans can still expect more games like Cuphead in the future. Cuphead was just announced for Switch during the GDC. Games like these will come to the console with Live-enabled sometime within the next year.

Chris Scullion also tweeted about Microsoft after their conference at GDC. Microsoft went on to explain that Xbox Live support will be added to mobile games in the future. Microsoft is also rumored to work with Nintendo soon to bring their titles to Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s new Live SDK could allow new things to pop up such as a boost in performance, new features, progress and achievement sharing and much more across different devices but so far, not for the Switch.