Leak Says Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Coming May 7, But Is It True?

A new leak about Microsoft’s discless Xbox One console has surfaced, claiming that the console, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, will be releasing on May 7. However, we still haven’t gotten any news from Microsoft about it, so who knows if it’s actually true? But, there have been a number of hints.

The leaks originally came through the magazine Windows Central, which claims that information it’s been able to get a hold of is the source of all of the information we’ve seen of it so far. They’ve not only told us what it will supposedly include, but also the games that will be bundled with it (digitally of course), and even what the box will look like.

There have been a lot of various leaks about the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in the past few months, but Microsoft has yet to say anything concrete about it. While all of the leaks would normally mean that there’s a grain of truth to them, we haven’t really seen anything about a discless Xbox, just other Xboxes that will be evolutions on the current model.

However, considering that it’s only around a month and a half away from release, one would think that Microsoft would have announced it if a discless variant of the Xbox One was coming out. We haven’t heard anything about it, even from the Game Developers’ Conference that took place this week, and while one of the two newly-announced Xbox variants could be it, they still have codenames, so who knows if they’re legitimate.

Supposedly, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be coming with a 1-Terabyte hard drive, along with digital download codes for Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Minecraft. The 1-Terabyte hard drive will probably be needed if the console really is diskless (or even exists), but as we said before, there’s no confirmation.

Whether Windows Central is proven correct or not about the release date (or existence) of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, hopefully we do get some new Xbox One news soon.