T-Series Has Beaten PewDiePie To Become Youtube’s #1 Channel For Now

I’m sorry if I’m the first person you’re hearing this tragic news from. Today’s a dark day in Youtube history. PewDiePie vs T-Series has taken a turn for the worse as T-series gains a big lead that’s easily maintainable.

As of right now, there’s approximately a 35,000 sub gap between the two Youtube giants, who recently hit the 90 million milestones. Say what you want about the war, Felix Kjellberg got plenty of exposure from it.

I feel like this war wouldn’t have been as difficult as it is if not for the media painting a horrible public image of PewDiePie for the casual mainstream audience.

Furthermore, T-Series has been losing supporters in even India after the PUBG ban in certain areas. There’s still a chance for the old Amnesia player to pick himself up and jump back into the fray.

The amount of support and stunts Felix managed to pull were also very entertaining to say the least. He’s played Fortnite and even Roblox at this point to get as many subscribers as he can.

Fellow Youtuber Mr. Beast also used his influence to literally rent out a billboard with the subscribe to PewDiePie sign. Then let’s not forget Logan Paul, a longtime rival of Felix also sending his fans over in support of the Swedish Youtuber.

If we look at the whole situation technically, this thing really shouldn’t be a competition to begin with. T-series is a corporation while Felix is an independent creator. That’s like comparing a local burger chef to an entire restaurant chain. It’s possible but it’s unfair.

Either way, we won’t give up. No, we can’tgive up. We didn’t wait since 2010 just to see PewDiePie lose to subcontinental music sharing a channel.

Besides, it doesn’t make sense for a faceless company to be the face of YouTube. So instead of smashing that F button, go smash that Subscribe button.