Petition Exists To Ban PewDiePie From Apex Legends, But Will It Work?

If you’re on YouTube there’s no way that you haven’t at least heard of PewDiePie in some way, whether it’s through various compilations, Let’s Plays, or even simple comments on videos or your own channel, the Swedish YouTuber has an undeniable presence…and that’s why someone wants to ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment’s first-ever battle royale game, taking place in the Titanfall universe decades after the games. The game has experienced a huge amount of popularity, apparently enough that people want to keep not only Chinese hackers out, but PewDiePie as well.

Even though he’s one of the most successful YouTubers (his channel has brought him billions of dollars’ worth of views, to say nothing of his sponsorships and social media presence), PewDiePie is also one of the most controversial. He’s had multiple instances of racism, poorly-thought-out jokes, and more pop up in his videos, and many YouTubers think of his fanbase as a horde of screaming, immature children.

While PewDiePie is doing increasingly less video game content, the apparent reasoning behind the petition to ban PewDiePie likely comes from a worry about the game being flooded with his fans, bringing in the same fan toxicity that plagues other popular shooter games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

As outlandish as it is to try and ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends without cause, it’s not entirely without precedent. He has previously been banned from a game before, in this case Roblox, for various pieces of objectionable content that had appeared on his channel. Seeing as Roblox is a family-friendly game, it’s no surprise that the devs didn’t want PewDiePie to taint the game’s image.

Whether or not the petition ends up acquiring any more than its hundreds of signatures in the end, we have no idea of what Respawn will do in response, but it doesn’t seem like they’d be the type to ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends, especially when his fanbase could catapult it to even greater heights.