You Can Play Games in 4K Through Stadia, But at What Cost?

The cost of Google Stadia will be revealed in Summer, according to Google. However, the overall price of this service will end up costing you more over the years compared to buying a console and PC.

The expected Google Stadia price is $9.99 a month to stream video games. That is the minimum we expect it to be and if we add up the high-speed internet prices and compare it to how much a 4-year console cycle costs us, the overall cost of using this service for 4 years would pretty much or even more than buying a console.

Hardware also has many advantages such as stability and stable frame rates and resolution. None is offered by Google Stadia.

Still, Google Stadia is a giant leap forward in the video game streaming scene. However, it is something that will require a strong internet connection to play. An average internet connection, 25Mbps, can handle 1080p 30 FPS but that is if the connection is stable. Otherwise, it’ll be a Netflix like experience where the quality shifts based on your current internet quality.

Meanwhile, running games at 4K would require a minimum of 200Mbps or 25MBps internet connection. High-end internet connections aren’t common around the world so Google Stadia would be limited to certain markets only.

Google Stadia will remain the choice of a very select group of players. It would be interesting to see just how well this service turns out to be. Especially considering the fact that Google has cooked up half-hearted ambitious projects before like Google Glasses. The company later abandons this project just like many others before it. This concern was raised by Kotaku in front of Google Stadia boss Phil Harrison.

I understand the concern. But I think that all you have to do is look at the level of investment that we have made and continue to make in Stadia. This is not a trivial project by any means. This is a very, very significant cross-company effort that isn’t just my team, but it’s also across YouTube, it’s across our technical infrastructure and networking team. It represents thousands of people who are working on this business.

Google Stadia can also be accessed on TV through Google Chromecast. On PC, you just need Google Chrome to access Stadia.