Infinity Ward Doesn’t Want Zombies As A Modern Warfare 4 Co-op Mode

That’s right kids, Modern Warfare is being continued. For good reason though, I’ll give them that. It’s arguably the most beloved installment in the series, one that a lot of Call of Duty players have rooted from. What co-op mode will the game feature though? Not zombies mode, that’s for sure. What’s in store for Modern Warfare 4 then?

Infinity Ward stated that the co-op we’ll be getting in Modern Warfare 4 is reminiscent of the survival mode of 3. You guys remember Modern Warfare 3 right? The survival mode involved fighting waves of soldiers rather than zombies.

It’s refreshing to know that we’ll finally be getting a break from zombies. The game mode is great and all but it’s been in every Call of Duty game lately so it’s good to steer away from that.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean we should downgrade. Modern Warfare 3 survival was definitely fun for its time. The thing is that the game mode might not have aged well.

The game mode involves fighting the waves of enemies in a multiplayer map. Using the money you get to unlock abilities and perks like air-strikes.

We’ve been made well aware of the fact that¬†Modern Warfare 4 is meant to be like classic Call of Duty. That means no battle royale, zombies or specialists.

Don’t expect to wall run and fly around the map either. We’re back to square one of running around and no scoping scrubs. Ah the glory days, assuming Infinity Ward sticks to their promise.

The most highly anticipated part of the upcoming Modern Warfare 4 is surely the campaign. The Modern Warfare series had their campaigns as quite the selling point. The story had great continuity, characters, and was compelling.

The way 3 wrapped up leaves the continuation of a story a little tricky. Pretty much every protagonist except good ol’ Captain Price was KIA. That includes our boys Soap, Roach and Ghost. Even Makarov, the main antagonist of the series was killed in quite the grand finale.

Let’s see what happens though.

Source: GamingIntel