Developer Rami Ismail Says that Valve was “Out-Businessed” By Epic Games

The developer of Nuclear Throne Rami Ismail says that Valve was “out-businessed” by Epic Games over the move of Metro Exodus’ change of stores. The co-founder of Vlambeer said this in a recent interview with PCGamesN.

Ismail went on to make fun of Valve’s statement which said that this move by 4A Games was unfair to the customers. He said that “it sucks to be” that company.

The only thing I will argue in Valve’s favour is that it was a game that was up from pre-order that was pulled, and I think being transparent about that messaging is important. But Valve arguing anything being unfair, with the position they’re in, they just got out-businessed. I’m sorry, it sucks to be you, he said.

He then referred to Valve’s impact on indie development as a result of this change.

There’s an entire generation of indie game developers that got wiped out because of an algorithmic change in Valve’s recommendation algorithms and they said, ‘Well that’s just what the data said’. Well here’s what the data said, it said that Metro Exodus is not on Steam because the deal Epic gave [developer 4A Games] was better. To call that unfair, but call all they do just data, it couldn’t have been a funnier statement from that perspective.

Ismail wants Valve Corporation to believe that they are not leading the market anymore. However, he wants to see the company around in the future and hopes to see things get better with time.

It’s good to see that Epic is stepping in and we have another option to choose from. Though it’s indeed unfair to those who pre-ordered Exodus on Steam and expected to play on it like every previous game in the series.

Metro Exodus doesn’t happen to be the only game that’s now exclusive to Epic Games Store. Ubisoft has followed the footsteps of 4A Games and Deep Silver by bringing the game to the new platform. Many indie titles have also shifted to the new store and Epic has confirmed that they are not stopping anytime soon. The company wants to bring in more exclusive titles.

In related news, Epic was recently accused of stealing “steam user data” which is not supposed to be accessed by anyone else but Steam itself. The creator of Fortnite responded to all of the worried fans by saying that the company has many external shareholders but none of them has access to the customer data.