Epic Games Store Grabs The Outer World Exclusivity

Epic Games Store seems to have scored another big deal and this time with Obsidian. The Outer Worlds is apparently exclusive to Epic Games Store. The game still has a Steam page but that was also true for Metro Exodus.

The Outer Worlds Epic Games Store leak came from a website that was provided the information ahead of time. The information was supposed to be posted at a set time but got leaked via Twitter.

The leak came from PCGamesN, who later had no option but to confirm this leak. According to the publication, The Outer Worlds will release as an exclusive to Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store offers developers a much bigger cut of the revenue share. On top of the revenue share, there are reports of large payments upfront.

It is no doubt a lucrative deal for developers and publishers. Previously, Metro Exodus released on Epic Games Store as well as Ubisoft’s The Division 2. However, The Division 2 is also available on uPlay.

Normally, such a deal is only for a year but that is enough for any game to generate its share of revenue. Even The Outer Worlds hits Steam in 2020, it won’t do much in terms of revenue for Steam and Obsidian Entertainment.

While many publishers are taking store’s deal, CD Projekt RED confirmed that it won’t make Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive to any store. According to CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 will release on Steam as well as other online retailers. Its release of Epic remains to be confirmed at the time.

The Outer Worlds won’t be the only game to be exclusive to the Epic Store. There are other unannounced projects that will also be available exclusively on Epic Store