North America Censors One Piece: World Seeker Phantom Remedy Mission

The open world game based on the One Piece manga is now out for PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Players have spotted an inconsistency in the regional releases of the game, however. Specifically regarding a mission in One Piece: World Seeker called Phantom Remedy.

The mission was a pre-order bonus, meaning you only had access to it if you purchased the game before its release. Regardless of whether or not you did, you can’t access the mission in the North American release. In fact, it’s not even there to begin with.

On top of that, it’s been erased from the Bandai Namco website access in the US as well. It’s pretty blatant censorship.

We can get a pretty good hint of why the game censored this mission. I’m pretty sure theĀ modding community oughta come to the rescue soon enough.

What a weird thing they chose to censor though. A fanservice scene from a game based on a manga. Manga, anime and even video games from Japan all incorporate a lot of lewd fanservice in their games from time to time.

The things that the US choose to censor continues to baffle me. Torture scenes in GTA and violence in general is fine but a bit of cleavage is crossing the line?

Not to mention the fact that the mission was a pre-order bonus. Does that mean people are technically being robbed by whoever decided to censor the mission out of the game?

I wonder if Bandai Namco even know about this. Japan has expressed their disdain for Western censorship and adulteration before. Such as in the English dub for Dragon Maid where the director and lead voice actress changed the translation to fit an agenda of hers.

Japan has often vocally made a stance on distancing themselves from the SJW culture of the US. Though is that what really caused the censorship of One Piece: World Seeker’s the phantom remedy?