Incompetent BioWare Devs Couldn’t Remove Placeholder Text From Anthem After a Months of Its Release

Bioware’s co-op third person RPG shooter Anthem was hyped at E3 along with its demo a year before its release as a game changer that would dethrone others like it namely Destiny and The Division.

It presented the stunning visuals of its engine along with the huge map. But as you start playing the Anthem, you cannot help but marvel at the sheer beauty of the game. But under all that graphical beauty lies the breadcrumbs of what once was an ambitious game that failed at pretty much every step of the way.

Anthem manages to deceive many of its players by making you look one way when you should be looking the other way. It wows you with stunning visuals but that can only work for a short while.

Many players have come to the conclusion that the game was once a single player campaign that became an online looter shooter.

The many indicators of this come from the fact that placeholders text for side missions and quests still appear in the game for which there are no missions. Many NPC’s react to you as you have already met them in the game when you are meeting them for the first time.

One of the many reasons for all these problems is the fact that Bioware lost many of its developers and writers as they left the team or pursued freelance work outside of the company.

Bioware claims that most of the work was done when the employee’s left but when has Bioware been honest to players at all. Bioware has rolled out updates to address some of the story elements as well as the broken loot system of the game that has been the bane of many players experience in the game. The foundation of the game is broken but it remains to be seen whether the players and the developers support the game in the coming future.