Is Video Game Piracy The Solution For Bad Games Nowadays?

I was browsing Reddit in my leisurely time and found a post regarding pirating games. Video Game piracy is, of course, a form of illegal activity and in no way do I condone it. But with how games have become nowadays, being unfinished and overpriced messes filled with microtransactions. Is video game piracy the only way to bypass this?

Besides the fact that you’ll get the game for free, it’s also supposedly a wake-up call to game developers to stop making something that people don’t want.

It’s no surprise at this point when games likeĀ Anthem turn out to be one thick disappointment. I mean extra thick bad, but it’s EA so what should we even expect?

The tendency of games to push in-app purchases to the user has also pissed people off. Why pay $60 for a game just for the microtransactions to still restrict what you can do. It makes sense in a free mobile game but not a full priced AAA game.

This is one of the reasons people have started actively switching to full-on piracy, to bypass the price barrier while still experiencing the game. Although even if you hate somebody’s product, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to steal it.

Piracy is digital theft, you’re still using somebody else’s product without paying for it. That’s like hating somebody’s car but still swiping it at night to drive yourself.

Instead of being a naughty little boy/girl, here’s a better solution. Boycott the games you don’t like. I mean why even play them if they’re not up your alley right? Boycotting isn’t wrong since you’re not stealing the games and at the same time, it sends a proper message.

To further reinforce change, support the developers that are still making the games you want and love. CD Projekt Red I’m looking at you. Can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077!