Is The Epic Store Giving Video Game Piracy A Comeback?

A lot of people are unhappy right now with how the Epic Store is making a lot of games exclusive to its store. They started off with Metro Exodus which to be fair is more of an indie game.

However, even bigger developers have been coming out and migrating to the store, like Ubisoft with its The Division 2. Since a lot of people have dropped the purchase of these migrated games, does that mean Epic Store brought video game piracy back?

Well, yes and no. Of course, there has been a spike in piracy with some of these games. Especially from people who were originally going to buy them on Steam. This is because of the Epic Store’s shortcomings with things likeĀ proper verification and user discussion forums and more.

On top of that, the Epic Store doesn’t have a proper review section so people won’t be able to tell if they should buy the game or not. Those who struggle financially and can’t afford to take the risk will most likely resort to piracy.

In no way am I condoning piracy, I mean it’s literally a crime so don’t do it. All I’m doing is explaining why the practice has spiked a bit recently. It’s still a good thing that Steam is getting some competition, as well as developers being cut better deals.

But that doesn’t mean we should compromise on basic necessities like consumer security or friendliness. If it encourages people to pirate the games, there’s something wrong with the policies.

In defense of the Epic Store though, piracy has always been around. Regardless of what game it is and where it came from. Sure, the migration of games originally coming to Steam might have encouraged it. Piracy would’ve existed regardless.

Especially in places where digital art of any form isn’t protected by the law itself. In most developing countries with their own pile of issues, it’s hard to keep a check on piracy and online theft.