Dead Or Alive 6 Is Free To Play On Steam But Several Features Are Missing

The latest installment of the Koei Tecmo fighting series, Dead or Alive 6 has already gone free-to-play on Steam within 2 weeks of its release. One thing to take away from this is that it’s an extract of the full game, meaning there are several features missing which do need to be purchased as add-ons.

The Free-to-play Dead or Alive 6 will not include some playable characters as well as the game’s story mode. These are add-ons that you do need to purchase either separately or by buying the deluxe complete edition. The price for that and technically the full game is $25 on Steam.

I’d call the free version a demo of sorts but it isn’t exactly provided that way. In fact, it’s more like a free game but with paid premium features. You can still fight players online without paying a dime, albeit it’ll lack some characters and a story mode.

Dead or Alive 6 is the latest installment of the fighting game series famous for its um…fighting. Yes, although the game hosts the strongest fanservice in any fighting game up to date. I mean there’s a setting forĀ jiggle physics as well which should tell you enough.

The game is often overlooked due to the fanservice tendencies. It actually has really good core gameplay. Besides the 3D style reminiscent to Tekken, the game has an amazing counter system. One that works by turning your opponent’s hit into a grapple move instead.

The characters featured in the game are also a mix-up of different people from different franchises as well as the game’s own original characters. We’ve had Ryu Hayabusa, protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series in the games and even guest characters like Mai from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters.

Either way, if you want to preview the game and see if it’s worth the buy, feel free to install Dead or Alive 6 from Steam now.