How to Unlock, Equip, and Change the Division 2 Weapon Mods – Mod Blueprints, Mod List

Weapon Mods has always been crucial in the Division series for improving stats of the firearms including the rate of fire, damage, and reload speed among many other factors.

The Modding System has radically been overhauled for the Division 2 so that now there is a greater emphasis on completion of Challenges for the Weapon Mod.

Unlocking The Division 2 Weapon Mods

The first major change that The Division 2 has brought to the game is how Mods for weapons work.

Unlike the original Division, Mods cannot be acquired as a part of the loot drops. Instead, in The Division 2, Mods are tied to the progression of the player where certain challenges or set locations are concerned.

Since everyone is new to the game right now, no concrete information is available about what these “challenges” are, but you can expect us to update our Mods Guide once we everything become clearer.

As for now, these challenges seem to pertain to Side Missions that allow you to obtain Mod Blueprints. These blueprints can then be used to craft Mods at the Crafting Station.

Do note that Gear Mods will continue to function in the same way they did in the original Division where loots were the source to such items and where rarity of the Mod played a role.

Alternatively, Weapon Mods can be unlocked by spending the SHD Points you earn at the Quartermaster in the White House. Here, you will need to upgrade the corresponding Perks to unlock the desired Weapon Mod.

Equip and Change Weapons Mods?

Mods were also nerfed slightly this time around to level the playing field and establishing a more balanced approach. Unlike previously, Weapon Mods have both positive and negative effects associated with them.

An example could be that of a Mod that increases Weapon Accuracy but reduces Reload Speed, thereby, not serving as the perfect choice but one that you will need to compromise on.

Once again, Gear Mods do not have any negative effects or drawbacks because their method of collection is also different from the Weapon Mods.

Moreover, once a Mod is obtained, you can apply that to all the same types of weapons that you have in your inventory.

This means that a Mod for Rifles will work for whatever number of such weapons you have but not for one of the different types like an SMG. Simply bring up the inventory and select the component of the weapon you need to mod.

If you have unlocked it, the Mod can be equipped on the fly.