PC Serves As Monster Hunter World’s Second Most Popular Platform

Monster Hunter World on the PC was released in August last year after being on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for nearly a year. Which platform did it do the best on though? Capcom didn’t reveal that but it did reveal where the Monster Hunter PC edition stands.

It’s second place! So I’m willing to bet that the PlayStation 4 is number one for Monster Hunter World’s popularity in platforms. The game’s sales exceeded the most in Japan after all. Here’s the official statement from a marketing director in Capcom:

While we always try to treat our various audiences the same way, the Monster Hunter World console versions were the lead platforms, and PC had to be released at a later date. This actually helped as the PC version has had its own window for promotion, PR, marketing. Some countries like Germany or Russia also performed extremely well on the PC front. All of this really increased our success in Europe.

That doesn’t mean the PC edition of the game was unpopular though. Monster Hunter World also broke the record of most Steam sales in Japan, a record previously held by Dark Souls 3.

Does that make Monster Hunter World the Dark Souls of Steam games? Nah.

Anyways, this could be credited to the later launch of the PC edition. Obviously, after people have already bought it on the consoles, they wouldn’t re-purchase it on the PC right?

It still made 2nd though, meaning they did beat out one console, most probably the Xbox One. Microsoft hasn’t exactly popularized Japanese games or any exclusives and games in general.

Capcom really put their all into Monster Hunter World with the Witcher 3 crossover event among multiple others like Devil May Cry being crossed over.

Give it maybe 6 months more and we’ll see if the PC edition of Monster Hunter World gains more traction than it already has.

Source: PCGamesInsiderz