Black Ops 4 Shamrock and Awe Event Now Live, Free DLC Maps This Weekend!

Black Ops 4’s Shamrock and Awe event is now live and on top of that, Treyarch is giving free DLC maps access to the players this weekend along with double XP and more. The developer revealed in its latest March update.

Starting at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET today, players across all platforms will be able to play on four DLC maps included in Black Ops Pass for free. These maps include Elevation, Madagascar, Casino, and Lockup. You can play for free on these maps until 10 AM PT Monday, March 18. If you ever wanted to try out the latest Call of Duty entry in the franchise then it’s the best time to do so.

In addition to free maps, Treyarch is turning on double XP and rewards for all of the game’s modes this weekend. You will earn double points in multiplayer and zombies mode as well as 2x tier progression for you to unlock Black Market rewards at a much faster rate.

That’s it for the upcoming weekend. Before that, the team released Black ops 4 version 1.14 which is now available to download on all platforms. The update brings several bug fixes and stability improvements to all of the three modes.

The aforementioned Shamrock and Awe Event is the biggest free event in the game yet as it brings a lot of St. Patrick’s Day-themed content to the game. You can simply log-in today to receive “Precious” gesture for free along with an animated calling card.

You can check out the event-related patch notes of Black ops 4 update version 1.14 below.

St. Patrick’s Stockpile

  • This event brings a new game mode with Stockpile, inspired by Black Ops 3’s Fracture with a St. Patrick’s Day twist. Bank enemy shamrocks and deposit them at the nearest pot of gold to claim victory.

Contraband Hurricane

  • We’re always looking to deliver fun new takes on our MP maps as we ramp up to the next Operation’s drop of new DLC maps, and Contraband Hurricane offers a distinct stormy weather variant of one of our favorite maps. Contraband Hurricane is available free to all players with this update.


Seasonal Map Makeover

  • A new springtime update has arrived in Blackout, including all-new lighting, upgraded dynamic grass, green-colored smoke, and other St. Patrick’s Day-themed changes.

Pot-o-Gold Stashes

  • Treasures await those who find the Pot-o-Gold stashes hidden throughout Blackout during the event. If you spot one, it’s your lucky day!

Homunculus Leprechaun Hoards

  • If you’re clever enough to track down one of these little guys dancing a jig out there, attack him and swipe his loot! As the old saying goes, leprechauns love tactical weapons with maxed-out attachments.


Green-Eyed Zombies

  • Those fancy eyes aren’t just for show. Look for these special zombies in Classic Chaos story maps during the event to uncover a special reward…

New Seasonal Easter Egg

  • Follow the rainbow to unlock a St. Patrick’s Day surprise.

Free Personalization Items:

“Precious” Gesture

  • All players unlock a new St. Patrick’s Day-themed Gesture by logging in during Shamrock & Awe.

“Shamrock & Awe” Animated Calling Card

  • Get your free seasonal animated Calling Card when you log in while the event is active.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has turned out to be a massive success as compared to the previous games in the series like Infinity Warfare.

If you want more then don’t worry as another major game update is just around the corner. The next update will bring in more new multiplayer modes, a zombies map, new Blackout content and much more.

Black Ops 4 is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.