Overwatch’s Baptiste Available For All Platforms on March 19th

The new Overwatch hero is known as Baptiste, a Haitian combat medic who grew up an orphan will make his Overwatch debut next week on March 19th as a healer.

Overwatch reached a milestone last month by officially revealing their 30th character. We gradually learned more details about the hero such as his back story and his abilities within the game. From the teaser trailer we saw, it seemed like the new support hero might be dishing out a lot of Damage Per Second along with his impressive healing abilities.

Earlier it was announced on Twitter that Baptiste would be coming to Overwatch on March 19th. The new hero is going to be added to the roster within the next few days.

Blizzard Entertainment’s 30th hero for Overwatch is a former Talon soldier who has turned into a mercenary medic named Baptiste. Baptiste was originally available on the Public Test Realm server last month for PC players. He will be available for all platforms next week.

Baptiste fell in with Talon after the events of the Omnic crisis and war with the machines. He eventually learned how to defend himself in battle and to keep others alive.

Our character’s full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin. He is a DPS/Support hybrid hero. His primary weapon is a three-round burst rifle that shoots healing projectiles to those near the impact radius. It also works as a Biotic Launcher Regenerative Burst. The rifle allows for self-healing and healing nearby teammates over time as well.

Another ability is a device that prevents allies within an Immortality Field from dying (though it can be destroyed).
The Amplification Matrix allows any projectile or team damage that passes through it to be amplified and it also amplifies healing done.

Are you excited about playing Baptiste? Stay tuned as we keep you updated regarding more Overwatch news!
Overwatch is a multiplayer game by Blizzard Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.