You Can Buy Each Game In The Halo MCC For PC Separately As Well

One of the questions that rose when Halo MCC was announced for PC is that will we be able to buy the games separately? The Master Chief collection houses all the Halo games from Combat Evolved till Halo 4 with ODST and Reach in between. That’s 6 games, and assuming they’re all charged at even a fraction of their full original prices, that’s one heavy collection.

The good news is that we can buy the games separately as well. This hints that 343 Industries do plan to sell the games at their full original pricing. Though we’ll know when the Steam edition of the esteemed collection comes out.

Sure, the games are super old but at the same time, they don’t exist on PC. Until now that is. We’ll finally realize the long-time dream of being able to play Halo on our PC. Plus this brings the classic multiplayer community and experience back as well.

The fact that all the games can be purchased separately also means that each one will have its own community. Even better, since a lot of us Halo fans have our own preferences. Reach was my personal one, being able to experience that glorious campaign once again in HD will definitely be fun.

A lot of people do see this Halo PC port as a way of compensation by 343 Industries. A sort of copout move if you will, regarding the underwhelming performance of Halo 5. The game series’ latest installment which was an Xbox One exclusive. It’s worth noting that Halo 5 won’t be on PC either, though Halo Infinite will be.

Anyways, this is a bit of nitpicking to be honest. I for one am glad that 343 Industries decided to do us this favor. Not only is one of my favorite game series of all time about to be accessible, it’s also available to be bought separately. They earned all the pizza they’re getting.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection when released on Xbox was a mess to be precise and needed some time to be fixed. We are hoping that the same thing does not happen for PC players. Approach used by The Coalition for Gears series is something 343 Industries should also consider for TThe MCC collection. The Master Chief collection release date is still not set but it’s expected to come out later this year. The collection could very well arrive with the launch of Halo Infinite.