Techland Brings The Grappling Hook Back For Dying Light 2

Dying Light fans that used the game’s parkour to the fullest will be happy to know that Dying Light 2 will see the grappling hook return. Yes, the tool to make you feel like Batman in the Zombie apocalypse is coming back. The developers also promised that it won’t break the game this time.

Speaking in an interview, lead programmer of Techland Bartosz Kulon spoke about how the grappling hook was originally conceived. Fun fact, it was born out of a glitch in fact. Here’s the official statement:

“For example, in the first game, the grappling hook was a coding mistake on my side! I was developing the algorithm to detect the ledges. For some reason, the algorithm let me teleport from ledge to ledge like a superhero. So I thought maybe we could do something with this… and suddenly Scorpion from Mortal Kombat came to mind and he has this grappling hook. So I implemented it in Dying Light quickly just as a prototype, and it made it into the final game!”

Okay buddy, first off. Scorpion’s weapon is a rope dart, not a grappling hook. Secondly, that’s actually really cool. We’ve seen in the past how a mistake can lead to something greater. Look at GTA, the first game was created out of an error.

Anyways getting back on track before this turns into a shotgun wedding joke. The grappling hook was insanely useful to traverse the slums of Dying Light 1, it’s a shame that we got it in the final chapters.

Knowing how much bigger the map of Dying Light 2 will be, it’s great that we’ll get the useful little gadget back again. Can’t wait to rappel from ledge to ledge.

It especially helps if your playstyle was more focused on free-running than it was on fighting. Plus we know that the zombies in Dying Light 2 will be different. Maybe we’ll be using the grapple hook from earlier on this time.

Dying Light 2 is set to release later this year. An exact date remains unknown.

Source: Gamesradar