How to Redeem the Division 2 Pre-Order Items – Ubisoft Club Rewards, How to Get

Learn how to redeem The Division 2 pre-order items if you bought the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game and are playing early.

For purchase of any copy of Division 2 except the Standard Edition, before the release of the game, you get a Standard Edition of any one of Watchdogs 2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Far Cry Primal.

That is a pretty good deal so if you are planning on getting a copy soon, keep in mind that the game is set to release very soon, so there is not much time to get the bonus.

Redeem The Division 2 Pre-Order Items

Additionally, the consumers of the Standard Edition are not forsaken either. They will be getting the Capital Defender Pack that includes “The Lullaby”, an Exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun, as well as the Hazmat 2.0 Outfit that includes 4 pieces of clothing.

Personally, this does not seem too impressive, but it is something.


The Standard Price of the game is $59.99, same as any other triple a title. This only includes the standard game, as well as any preorder bonuses that comes with the game.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you will be getting a 20% discount on the Standard Edition if you have 100 uPlay Points, so save some pennies if you can.

The Gold Edition costs $99.99, this comes with a year 1 season pass as well as three-day early access to the game.

Ultimate Edition costs $119.99, it offers the same perks as the Gold Edition but has some additional digital content, consisting of Elite Agent Pack, Battleworn Secret Service Pack, and the First Responder Pack.

The two Collector’s Editions are out of stock, they had a pretty hefty price tag, so no need to worry about them unless the first game made you an ultimate fan of the series. Items that come with the Collector’s Edition are:

  • An Artbook
  • A City Map for Washington DC Detailing Locations
  • A Mixtape Containing 21 Tracks
  • The Original Game in a Steelbook
  • An Action-Figure of a Division Agent Along With Many Attachments

How to Avail Bonuses

The bonuses will not be available until you are done with the Prologue. After the Prologue, find your way to the first stash that can be found in the White House.

The stash is easy to locate. It is right in front of you as you enter the building, a little to the right. Access the stash, press ‘E’ to switch tab and select grants to get all of the available content, this will also contain rewards for Beta if you have tried that out!

Ubisoft Club Items

Like with every title, Ubisoft has added the Club Rewards for this game too. The club rewards can be purchased through uPlay Points, a sort of currency rewarded to you by completing achievements in the game.

You can find them by opening the Ubisoft overlay and selecting the Club Rewards at the left.

Club Rewards Cost
Agent Dunne’s Outfit 50 uPlay Points
Agent Johnson’s Outfit 50 uPlay Points
Apparel Cache Key Pack 30 uPlay Points
Target Intel Pack 30 uPlay Points
E-Credits Currency Pack 20 uPlay Points
Specialized Materials Pack 20 uPlay Points
Standard Materials Pack 20 uPlay Points
Specialized MPX SMG Free
First Gamers Arm Patch Free – If you Played a Ubisoft Demo at a Gaming Event in 2018
2018 Phoenix Arm Patch Free – If you Participated in E3 2018 SAM Promo
Capitol Hill Arm Patch Free – Completed the Invaded Mission in the Private or Open Beta
Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy Free – Participate in the Open Beta
Wallpaper/Mobile Wallpaper/Icons/Social Media Header Free
City Runner Pants/Shoes/Shirt Free
DC Patriot Weapon Skin Free – Participated in Any Live Phase
Declaration Weapon Skin Free – Registered for E-mail Updates
Exotic Weapon Skin – Division Shields Tier 1 Free – Earn 1 TCTD1 Shields in The Division
Exotic Outfit and Patch – Division Shields Tier 2 Free – Earn 4 TCTD1 Shields in the Division
Exotic Shush Emote and Grey Dye Free – Earn 8 TCTD1 Shields in the Division
Exotic Fist Pump Emote + Backpack Trophy Free – Earn 12 TCTD1 Shields in the Division
Ghosts Arm Patch Free – Own Ghost Recon Wildlands
Odyssey Arm Patch Free – Own ACO
Pathfinder Arm Patch Free
SAM Arm Patch Free – Download and use Ubisoft Mobil App
Siege Arm Patch Free
Supply Crate Arm Patch Free – Completed Dark Zone East in Open Beta