Microsoft Teasing Inside Xbox Livestream Reveal Of Halo On PC, Xbox Maverick

An upcoming Inside Xbox livestream reveal may end up giving us confirmation on a pair of rumors. The first of these is that the Halo Master Chief Collection will be coming to the PC, while the second is the reveal of the Xbox Maverick, a diskless variant of the Xbox One.

While we have gotten confirmation that Microsoft will be revealing the Halo PC game (the first to come out on the platform since Halo 2 Vista, which came out in 2007), the reveal of the Xbox Maverick is still up in the air, as Microsoft hasn’t give out any specific hints at anything else they’d be doing.

The reason for the Inside Xbox livestream reveal being rumored to include the Xbox Maverick is because of another rumor, that the console was supposed to become available for pre-order next month, in April. Since April is so close, now would be the perfect time for Microsoft to officially unveil the console, but we haven’t gotten any official confirmation of it.

Then again, Microsoft officially announcing Halo Master Chief Collection on PC isn’t that much of an event either, especially considering how lackluster of a reception the collection has gotten due to a wide variety of technical issues. Hopefully now that it will be on the PC, 343i has gotten the chance to fix it up so that it will have a better launch.

In the meantime, if you want to catch what all will be part of the Inside Xbox livestream reveal for yourself, you can catch the livestream yourself at 2PM Pacific Standard Time, 5PM Eastern Standard Time, 9 PM GMT, and 10 PM CET. The presentation will last an hour, so if the reveal of the MCC on PC doesn’t take up the entire thing, various other games and announcements could also come with it.