Fallout 76 Player Creates A Maze With A Deathclaw For Players To Solve

Bethesda multiplayer title has some creative and lively players in the current. Here we have an exhibit of a Fallout 76 maze made by Vault101Manguy. Not only is it an intricate maze, but it also has a Deathclaw patrolling the interior.

You can find the creator of the maze in this Reddit post he made describing how the creation came to be and what it is. He also mentioned where to find it so this is basically an open invitation for all players.

Using the C.A.M.P feature that the game provides, Vault101manguy created a labyrinth since he wanted to incorporate tamed creatures into his creations.

The way the Fallout 76 maze works is that players first meet Vault101 at the gate. He’s not hard to miss at all since he’s in a top hat and bathrobe.

After saying your greetings, you enter the maze which gets locked behind you as soon as you’re inside. After that it’s just a matter of getting out.

Now it’s worth mentioning as Vault101 himself added, nobody has died in the maze. Why? Because tamed pets have the same prerequisites for PvP as players do. The system where unless an attacked player retaliates, they can’t really be properly damaged, let alone killed.

This means the Claw is in the maze mainly for the fear factor than anything else. The creator of the Fallout 76 maze did admit that he wished he could’ve made this sooner when players were level 5 and killable. Though he still expressed a lot of appreciation to Bethesda for allowing him to create the maze in the first place.

It’s good to see that players are finding one way or another to roleplay and self-insert. We saw two players get married in-game as well. On top of other things.

I suppose it’s also good that Bethesda is deciding to take their time with the delayed expansion as well. It was rushed development that almost doomed the game when it started out.