How to Disable “Agent Needs Backup” Request in The Division 2

Being more co-op oriented in its design and system, The Division 2 caters towards “SOS Signals” and “Distress Calls” from different players to create urgency and a sense of networking and connectivity.

However, for solo players, this feature maybe mildly annoying. Here is how you disable “Agent Needs Backup” requests in TD2:

Disable “Agent Needs Backup” Request

By default, online players in different regions of the game can send out distress signals or calls for backup.

This is an interesting take on the “Summon” feature from the SoulsBorne series, whereby, it is your call to help the player in danger or leave him to perish.

Although we know some people would love to help strangers, others would just keep to business as they roam the world in their one-man wolf pack.

Thus, if you belong to the latter spectrum of people, you may not like hearing the “Agent Needs Backup” message repeatedly given that you are not even interested to lend a hand.

Luckily, for all you solo-players, you can turn off the feature in the “Game Settings” menu.

Simply navigate to the “Gameplay” tab of the “Game Settings” and then scroll the way all down until you are able to observe the “On Call Status”.

Now, all that you have got to do now is to switch the said option from “On” to “Off” and you are all set to go.

Once done, you may continue the game at your desired pace without fearing any disturbances or calls that are totally irrelevant to you.