Devil May Cry 5 Nude Mods For Nico, V And Lady Trish Are Here

So you can’t have a Japanese Devil May Cry 5 game without style, combat, humor, and fan service. It looks like the fans are personally taking the mantle for granting the last part since there’s now Devil May Cry 5 nude mods out there.

So far, the mods “uncover” Nico, V, and Lady Trish. One of them is even playable so have fun watching V run around in the nude as you do his missions.

To the game’s credit, we do get a good bit of fan service from the ladies’ sides. We get Lady nude during her rescue as well as a little interaction between her and Nico. Albeit her butt was cleverly censored by a lens flare.

Then we get Trish naked in a similar manner during her rescue mission. Sadly, the blonde bombshell doesn’t have a nude mod yet.

Also what the hell, where’s Dante’s nude mod? I’m pretty sure he’s the one in most demand. After that Michael Jackson moves, I’m pretty sure we all wanted a piece of that.

Plus what’s not to like about the guy? He’s funny, charming and a complete badass. Of course, Lady teases us way too much in the game so it’s good that she got a nude mod as well.

Normally this is the part where you ask “but why not Nero?” First off, Nero’s taken. Secondly, he’s a kid. So don’t make me call the FBI on you.

This is where you can find the mods by the way. The installation instructions are provided by each author, just be careful not to make your game crash. Screwing up the integrity of your files could lead to a full reinstall, that would suck, right?

If you’re going to be running around naked, might as well look stylish too right? Here’s a guide on how you can keep getting S ranks.