Gearbox Teases Something For March 28, Possibly Borderlands 3?

Say it ain’t so Gearbox. Once again, these people are teasing the fabled Borderlands 3. A game that’s been in development for so long now that I’m expecting one hell of a game from them honestly. The date they teased falls on PAX East, something the company has already mentioned. This might be it boys.

The only bit of Borderlands 3 we’ve officially seen was an engine preview. Other than that? All we’ve had is rumors here and rumors there. It’s pretty frustrating at this point to be so close yet so far.

We’ve had sources claiming they were insiders sharing details on things like the classes in Borderlands 3. Until we get official confirmation on those though, your guess is as good as mine.

Borderlands hasn’t had an installment since the pre-sequel. Even that was technically an extension of 2 gameplaywise. Just with new characters and a new location.

From the ending of Borderlands 2, the premise sort of showed off multiple planets in the solar system with vaults. This means Borderlands 3 might not possibly be set on Pandora even. In which case where exactly will it be taking us?

Furthermore, we were told by sources including Gearbox themselves that older characters will be returning. Specifically, Tiny Tina will be having a more prominent role in the story as well.

We can also speculate to be connected to 2 the same way 2 was connected to 1. By that I mean the playable characters from 2 returning as side characters in 3. The way Roland’s gang showed up in 2. Though that being said, hopefully they don’t kill anybody off this time.

I really did want the original Vault hunters to be playable in the sequel as well. Mordecai looked like tonnes of fun. Similarly, I really need Zer0 to be playable in Borderlands 3.

Either way, we’ll know about this properly after PAX East on the 28th of March. Here’s to hoping there’s actually a reveal this time since I’m frankly sick of these teasers.

We know Gearbox isn’t busy with Halo either, so no excuses.