343 Industries Filled To The Brim With Pizza Deliveries As Halo Comes To PC

So we recently got the orgasmic announcement of Halo’s PC port. Did you know that before it though, Reddit was on 343 and Microsoft’s tail with all the leaks and rumors? One user even promised to treat the studio with pizza if the Halo PC port becomes a reality. Looks like the fans kept that promise.

So on one hand, free pizza, holy hell. On the other, free pizza? Holy hell! That’s a lot of pizza dude. The studio might be big but do you know how heavy one pizza is?

Their HQ is in Kirkland Washington by the way for anyone else that wants to send their pizzas to the studio. Honestly, these guys really deserve it.

Sure, they took a long as heck time to finally do it, but it’s a ballsy move to port what was essentially a console exclusive. It’s not just one Halo game either. It’s the entire collection leading up to 4 minus the Wars games.

That means the original trilogy, plus ODST and Reach. Considering how it’s been a sad meme nowadays of how Halo multiplayer was a thing of the past, it’ll be great to see that time make a comeback.

A lot of us are about to be hit with a bullet train of nostalgia and I simply can’t wait. In the meantime, 343 Industries should definitely enjoy all the free pizza they’ve gotten. They earned it, I wonder if any of them have pineapples though.

This is also a great way to keep people occupied until the release of Halo Infinite. We know it’s not too far as to be a next Gen exclusive. But at the same time, we’re not sure when exactly it’ll be released so there’s that. Either way, the classic Halo multiplayer and campaigns are going to keep people occupied for a very long time. Here comes the wave of OG Halo fans people!