Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition On Sale For $3.5 Right Now

Everyone’s familiar with the massively successful Apex Legends by now. Though did you know that the game is actually an expansion of a previous game by Respawn Entertainment? Specifically, Titanfall. That brings me to the news of the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition which is now on sale for under $4 on the Origin store.

Titanfall 2 was a very underappreciated game. The fact that it’s already dead just cements that painful fact. The fact that Apex Legends is an expansion of the Titanfall lore makes it cool automatically.

Not only that, but people who’ve thoroughly enjoyed the battle royale have now started going back to the game’s roots. Apex Legends did technically revive Titanfall 2. Not too powerfully, but it still did.

There’s been a spike from 1000-5000 players since the success of Apex Legends, and now there’s even more inclination to buy the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition.

You might not find many players in matchmaking but the multiplayer of Titanfall 2 was one to behold. You could say that Call of Duty technically appropriated the movement of Titanfall into their later games. Respawn Entertainment was originally the company to bring fast-paced wall running and parkour to the modern FPS genre.

The gameplay is very similar to Apex itself with most of the same assets. Just a different setting as well as giant Titans roaming the battlefield.

Titanfall 2’s selling point in my opinion though is the amazing story mode. It’s also a reason I’m slightly salty about the game not doing so well.

So many players played Titanfall 1 and complained that the game had almost no story. Then in Titanfall 2, nobody played the game yet it had a very compelling story.

The story of Titanfall 2 wasn’t very long either. Since one could complete the game within a single sitting. The characters of Jackson Cooper and BT-7274 are not only compelling in their own dynamic but also with their relationship.

I won’t spoil anymore though, go get the Titanfall 2 ultimate edition on sale now!