Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia Expansion Delayed, “Need A Little More Time” Says Bethesda

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia has been delayed but only by one day. The upcoming expansion Will still go live on March 13th.

Wild Appalachia, the first piece its three-part 2019 roadmap for Fallout 76 is delayed. Bethesda updated fans on their plans for Fallout 76 by outlining a 6-month roadmap of Fallout 76 in 2019 which was to start out this month with the Wild Appalachia update. The update was planned out to bring new quests, event, survival mode and more to the struggling game.

Wild Appalachia was originally scheduled to begin on March 12th but now has been delayed by one day and it will now go live on March 13th.

Bethesda Game Studios already announced that this first update will bring brewing and distilling to Fallout 76. This system will allow players to produce consumable items that will grant them temporary boosts with alcoholic beverages bringing “hangovers” within the game. The system will be unlocked after completing a new quest titled “Wasted on Nukashine”

In a Tweet made yesterday, Bethesda explained

Fallout 76’s roadmap also outlined Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders which are still scheduled to release in the fall. Nuclear Winter will unlock a new Legendary status along with abilities but only for players who are level 50. Wastelanders will add “a tale with true choice and consequences” that includes a new main quest, factions, events, and features.

Bethesda has already asked fans to remain patient and keeps their hopes high in the apology not three months ago by saying:

We didn’t want you to think the silence meant nothing was happening. We’re sorry and understand this was not the right approach, and we’ll work to make a better bridge between you and the dev team at bgs (bethesda game studios).

Fans still remain divided on Fallout 76. Some players are patiently waiting for Bethesda while some players are showing mostly negative reactions to this delay. Whether or not Fallout 76 will see an increase in player base still remains to be seen but we’ll keep you updated right here!

Fallout 76 is an online role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One out now!