Dying Light 2 Zombies Have Changed From Original Game, Here’s How

One of the most important parts of any sequel is that there are changes from the original, and the Dying Light 2 zombies are no exception. Developer Techland talked about how the zombies would be changing in a sort of life cycle as you play the game, to switch things up.

Dying Light 2 takes place in a world ruined by the zombie apocalypse, and much like in the previous game you must survive while helping survivors attempt to rebuild society. Unfortunately with the zombies still around you’ll have more than a few obstacles.

According to Techland lead game designer Tymon Smektała, the cycle of the Dying Light 2 zombies will have multiple phases. To start off with, there’s the Viral. Virals are zombies that are recently created, being people that only just got bitten and succumbed mostly to the infection. They hate sunlight, but after being Virals for a while they’ll turn into Biters.

Biters are more your run of the mill zombie. Unlike the Viral they’re slower, but they’ll still lunge at you and try to bite you and get you infected, so you still need to be careful. Sunlight is still dangerous to them, too. However, if they stay in the sun too long, they then become the next stage, the Degenerate.

The Degenerates are much less dangerous, having been drastically weakened by the sunlight to the point where bits of their skin are falling off of them. However, you shouldn’t entirely dismiss them as a threat. There are also the options of the zombies turning into Volatiles.

Fans who played the original Dying Light are likely familiar with the Volatiles, the highly dangerous variant of zombie that only comes out at night and is nearly unstoppable. If you see one of those, Smektała recommends you run.

You’ll be able to put yourself up against the Dying Light 2 zombies when the game comes out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime this year.