Discovered The Division 2 Glitch Crashes Game If Two Players Are On Same Network

The Division 2 hasn’t even been officially released yet, and already bugs have been discovered in the early access games. The Division 2 glitch in question causes the game to crash if two players are playing on the same network, which means if you have roommates or siblings you can’t play together, for the moment.

To be more specific, entering another player’s instanced game causes the guest player to hijack the instance as your own. This means that the person who originally owned the instance can’t interact with enemies, though they can still see loot and objectives. The same happens if you’re the one being joined.

The problem so far seems to only extend to those gamers that got the Ultimate and Gold Editions, and thus are able to start playing the game early. The actual game comes out on March 15, but if you have it early you might want to hold off playing it until whatever caused the issue in the first place is fixed.

There is a workaround to the Division 2 glitch, however. This should help you in case you still want to play the game before the glitch can be fixed. So far the fix just seems to be PC related, but hopefully console fixes will be coming soon too. In order to fix the glitch, players need to hard-quit by using alt and F4, and then re-launch the game. You’ll still be in the same session, and this time it will sync properly.

The game now sync properly should give you the ability to play the game without crashes, thus getting rid of the Division 2 glitch. At the same time, having to drop out and then drop back in every time you want to play with someone could get really annoying, so hopefully Ubisoft can make a fix to it before the game truly releases on March 15 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Be aware though that if you want to play it on the PC, you have to buy it off of the Epic Games Store.