Activision Rejected Former Sledgehammer Games Head’s Idea

Glen Schofield – the creator of Dead Space and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games – spoke in a recent interview on leaving Call of Duty and Activision along with a fresh IP pitch Activision rejected.

Schofield is best known as the creator of the critically acclaimed Sci-Fi horror game “Dead Space” and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games. He has been in the videogames industry for the past 27 years and was the former vice president and general manager at EA Visceral Games.

In a recent episode of The Game Informer Podcast, Glen gave an insight about a prototype game he was working on for Activision but the idea was not approved.

They didn’t go for it, but they should have. It’s hard to get a great new IP going. You got to put time and effort and money into this these things. We put time and effort into it and some money and it just didn’t work out… It hurts sometimes, but I have enough other ideas so it’s okay.

Glen Schofield clearly sounded a little disappointed in Activision rejecting his idea and it sounds like the game could’ve been really good!

Schofield’s previous project, Dead Space was a massive commercial success. It had over 2 million confirmed sales back in 2010. And with a guy like at the helm of a fresh new IP, how could Activision just reject?

Schofield continued on in the interview saying his current dream project is to create a sci-fi game that has a focus on horror. A game that would force the player to face truly otherworldly alien lifeforms.

It says on his Twitter that he is a:

Artist. Game Maker. VP Development, Activision. Father. Husband. Eagle Scout. Doctor. Large Ninja. First Pitch thrower-outer. Desert dweller.

Will we ever see his idea picked up by another game developer? Who knows. We can only hope to see it in action one day. See you soon Glen!