New Anthem Patch Brings More Bugs, Here’s a List of Some New Ones

Latest Anthem patch is now live on all platforms to fix bugs but instead, players are reporting that it has brought some new ones along. You can now download this massive patch which weighs around 4 GB on the PlayStation 4 system.

BioWare dropped this latest patch to tweak some gameplay elements, fix bugs to basically make it more playable and fun. Unfortunately, some planned fixes remain untouched which is why players are now complaining about how bad and lazy the developers really are.

As found on Anthem Subreddit, players are now outlining all of the new bugs released via this new patch along with the ones that have been reported since day one. It’s being reported that Anthem loading and loot drop problems still exist.

You can check out some of the submissions by players below.

On PC version

  • Still unable to talk to the 3 Matthias arcanists.
  • Still unable to talk to Sentinel Dax.
  • Still unable to open Arcanists Contracts.
  • Vault is bugged; sometimes you can’t scrap or move to junk the items in the vault.
  • Sometimes the cursor/highlight box inside the vault doesn’t move; can’t select other items.
  • Tyrant Mine stronghold still not showing up on the map.

On PS4:

-Still unable to speak to Jani, Matthias, and Dax in Fort Tarsis. They have speech bubbles above their head, but as soon as you approach they speech bubbles now disappear instead of being greyed out.

I have been unable to log in all day. The loading screen cuts midway, loops back to the Bioware intro, and back to the title screen with a variety of error messages.

Error updating Pilot Data. Please try again. (ErrorCode: 0x41cee95caebe7a49-0)

Error retrieving Anthem live service data. (ErrorCode: 0x594125e8aebe7a49-0)

Since the patch, I have been seeing a ton of purples and blues, but almost no masterwork or legendary drops. I now have to break down about fifty items at the end of expeditions. Further, I don’t think I’ve seen a single masterwork ember drop from harvesting nodes. What did they do?

Players say that they have had enough and they are going to return the game. The list of new bugs and issues within the game is huge. If you want to read the rest of them, visit here.

As for Anthem’s 1.0.3. update, it fixes both known and unknown¬†issues. The patch brings stability improvements for all platforms, removes respawn restrictions,¬† loot changes, audio improvements and many more.

The game published by EA has turned out to be a disaster till now just like BioWare’s Mass Effect Andromeda. But the developers say that they will support the game for years which is why we are still hoping to see things get better in the future.