Can You Beat The Prologue Of Devil May Cry 5? Yes You Can

Now, this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. If you haven’t played DMC 5 yet, you should avoid this article. If you’ve completed it, then I’m here to answer your question. Can you beat Urizen in the Devil May Cry 5 prologue? Yes, you can, and it ends the game right there.

In order to do this off the getgo though, you need to have a lot of patience and reflex. If playing for the first try, you’ll be baffled by Urizen not losing any health. That convinced a lot of people including myself that we’re scripted to lose this fight no matter what.

What DMC 5 doesn’t tell you until much later on, is that he actually has a barrier. That little crystal thingie floating around his throne, yup. That’s the power source for his shield.

The reason I mentioned patience is that trying to break that crystal without any upgrades takes a really long time. I mean really long, not to mention that after you break it. He restores it before you can get too many hits in.

What I did was finish the game first, I recommend you do the same since the game is spectacular. After doing so, you’ll be able to do any mission you want with your current upgrades. That means you can go back to the Devil May Cry 5 prologue with end-game gear which I won’t spoil.

Be warned that the fight is still tough as nails even with all your upgrades. Urizen combines his attacks the further you get in the fight and can one-shot you with a combo.

Plus, since it’s the prologue. If you get your health bar completely depleted, you won’t get the option to use a gold orb. Instead, the cutscene scripted with your defeat will play out. Then you’d have to start over.

My recommendation is reloading the last checkpoint when you think you’re going to lose the fight. Saves the trouble of going through the menus again.

The game does end quite abruptly, you get a special little cutscene, as well as an achievement for beating Urizen in the prologue. To anyone who did so on the first try, great job! But still, go finish the game.