Devil May Cry 5 Artemis Boss Fight Guide – Combat Tips, Easy Kill

Artemis is a flying boss that you encounter while playing Mission 3 (Flying Hunter) as Nero. This boss is very mobile in combat but Nero has this prosthetic that attracts it to him.

It has a series of ranged attacks, which include laser gates, laser shots, and missiles that fly in your direction. In addition, it can also deploy two other smaller targets that will attack you but you can use this to your advantage.

Devil May Cry 5 Artemis Boss

Since the enemy will want to keep its distance, you can shoot these down and use them to quickly transport yourself closer to it.

However, be warned that if you shoot them, Artemis will spawn new ones and the old drones turn into seeker mines to hunt you down and explode near you. You can choose to ignore these if you want.

It can also do a very powerful charging attack when it spreads its wings that can do a lot of damage to you so be sure to avoid it. Once the boss flies up, try to hit it with a series of mid-air attacks to bring it down.

The Gerbera Devil Breaker is can greatly help in performing these stunts.

Artemis then goes up to the ceiling and shines a circular light on the ground so you have to take down the two drones and use them as grappling hooks to get up to the boss and strike it down before it can charge up a powerful aerial attack.

After this point, the boss will try doing more damaging attacks, such as this laser that you must dodge by double jumping. After a while of doing melee combat this way, you can beat Artemis.