Bloodborne Player Beats Ludwig Without Rolling, Dodging, Sprinting Or Runes

If you thought you’ve mastered Bloodborne then get a load of this guy. He beat Ludwig without using any of the staple SoulsBorne game tropes. That means rolling and sprinting specifically but also runes and sidestepping in Bloodborne’s case.

It goes without saying that killing a Bloodborne boss like Ludwig without taking hits is badass enough. But being able to do so without using any dodges gives off the coolest vibes ever.

It’s like the guy unlocked his ultra-instinct somehow while fighting a giant horse-man-thing using the Moonlight greatsword.

It’s no surprise how dedicated the Bloodborne community is when it comes to the game. We still have people discovering hidden enemies to this day. Beating a boss in a new style isn’t too surprising.

Still, it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch. The amount of tries, blood vials and strategizing it took us to beat the leader of the healing church. Only for this guy to come along and do it so masterfully. It really does make you want to go back and do another NG.

I mean after all, Bloodborne 2 isn’t coming out anytime soon so all we really can do is use the first installment to it’s full potential.

The multiple ways you can beat the game also adds a nice layer of replayability to the title. You do one playthrough as a strength build, another as a dex. Now you have the brilliant option of trying your hand at a dodge free playthrough like this fellow did.

The community is more used to people playing From Software games in ridiculous ways. We’ve had the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3 being beaten on a Dance dance revolution pad. I saw Ornstein and Smough getting beaten by somebody playing on bananas. No seriously, bananas. Like the fruit, it’s not a brand name. He was literally using bananas.

I’d say use the time we still have to prepare for From Software’s upcoming game. But Sekiro: Shadows die twice has tweaked the boss formula so I doubt that will help.