Apex Legends Might Be Getting Night Mode Soon

Players are now familiar with King’s Canyon, the battleground of Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale game. One thing you’ll notice is that the map doesn’t have any dynamic time or weather changes right? Well that might change soon according to this leak. We might be getting an Apex Legends night mode soon.

The leak also mentions a flamethrower that we’ve been told will be joining the weapons roster soon enough.

I haven’t heard people really asking for an Apex Legends night mode but it’ll definitely be refreshing. The same bright sunny daylight gets a bit dull when it’s there every game.

Switching it up to a cooler nighttime atmosphere will add a layer of replayability. Not to mention seeing all the areas we’re familiar with but at night will be quite refreshing.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t officially talked about the Apex Legends night mode or even the flamethrower. All they spoke about recently was the season 1 changes that we can expect to be hitting soon. This includes nerfs to the Wingman and Peacekeeper.

We’re not sure if Apex Legends will be adding a new map soon or not. EA has struck gold with the game and it fits their live service agenda as well. It makes sense that we can expect big updates to the game in the future, this includes new maps.

Until then, a night mode on King’s Canyon will be very appreciated, to say the least. I’d like to see the game’s aesthetic in a dark environment as would we all.

Respawn Entertainment has taken the world by storm with Apex Legends. The game’s amassed up to 50 million players within just a month. Imagine what it can do with a bit more time.