Xbox Scarlett Is Discless and Releasing Next Month

Fans are getting excited as a new report suggests that Xbox might be releasing its new line of console hardware within the upcoming months. Originally, rumors said that Microsoft will release its new console, codenamed “Scarlett”, somewhere in 2020.

We learned more about its official name “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition” and some of its features this week. And now, we’re finally learning that the new Xbox might just be releasing within a few months ahead of E3 2019.

According to a report by Windows Central, the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (codename: Scarlett) will begin its pre-orders within April and will hit shelves somewhere around May. The report also suggests that it could be receiving a simultaneous global launch for all the Xbox markets. The reason why Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is so important is that, for the first time in the company’s history, it is ditching discs and going all-in for digital media.

Microsoft is also pushing its digital streaming service “Project xCloud” and a subscription service called “Xbox Game Pass”. This makes sense when you look at the digital capacities of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

This also means that “Scarlett” could also be cheaper compared to other consoles that rely on physical media. Scarlett is also said to have two more companion consoles that are codenamed “Lockhart” and “Anaconda”.

Anaconda is the successor of the current flagship, the Xbox One X but will have improved hardware like a more powerful processor and graphics from AMD.

This is certainly good for all the games that will be coming out in the future. Hopefully, this new line of hardware will carry on its traditional compatibility where you can previous-gen games on the next-gen.

Lockhart is rumored to be a more budget option. It will have the capability of running all the upcoming games but not have the same Anaconda hardware. So things such as resolution, frame rate, and textures might be different for both variants. Are the rumors true? Will we see Microsoft release these new consoles before E3 2019? There are a lot of questions but not many answers. Stay tuned for more updates on E3 and the new Xbox line.

Source: Windows Central