Devil May Cry 5 Comes With Asian Languages Redeem Code To Prevent Resale

Devil May Cry 5 is finally here and it’s now confirmed that the Chinese version of the game comes with Asian Languages pack code which can be only redeemed once. Those with the Chinese or Asian version of the game, have to rely on the game’s special redeem code.

This DMC 5 Asian Languages Pack comes with various Asian region languages the game added support to including IIRC Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. As reported by A9VG, the purpose of this code is to prevent second-hand sales of the game. It’s for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The source has also confirmed this rumor from Capcom. You can check out the translation below.

Today, with the “Ghost Cry 5” physical game sneak, many players who got the game said that the Chinese update patch required to rely on the game’s special code redemption code can be downloaded. This news has caused fierce debates in the industry. There are many disputes in the major communities, and many plagiarism posts are also emerging. To this end, we deliberately contacted Capcom official, and got the “download Chinese update does need to use the redemption code in the physical game box to redeem, and can only be redeemed once” information. As a result, the possibility of second-hand trading is greatly reduced, because even if the player buys a second-hand Chinese version of the game disc, it can not get Chinese updates. (This is also the case with Xbox One)

It’s pretty much confirmed and definitely going to be a problem for people living in China or Korea. You can also check out the game page here on Microsoft’s Hong Kong site as it enlists the required language pack code.

The Asian release of DMC V comes with a total of three different DLC codes. One is for alternative hero colors bundle (Nero, Dante), one for alternative heroine colors (Nico, Lady, Trish) and last one for Asian languages pack. It’s being reported that no DLC can be yet downloaded from the PlayStation Store. So this could be Capcom’s early codes for those who got the game early.

In comparison, it was the same case with Resident Evil 2 Remake but once the downloadable content went live in the store, languages were available to download and for free.

It’s indeed a new way to prevent second-hand sales of the game but no one is apparently happy about it as it’s completely unfair to Asians compared to the people living in the USA or the United Kingdom.

Devil May Cry 5 is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.