Did You Know? Apex Legends Leaked Almost a Year Ago and No One Cared

How could someone have missed this? A new video by Jackfrags on YouTube suggests that an early version of an Apex Legends map was leaked online on Reddit back in March of last year and no one paid attention.

Apex Legends is truly unique in the sense that it created a combination of a hero squad shooter with the last-man-standing mode and became an instant hit. Many argue that it is this formula that helped it rise to fame and having 50 Million players worldwide as of now. Currently, it stands amongst the top best battle royale games ever.

According to Jackfrags, a Reddit user by the name of HitIconic leaked, what appears to be an early version of an Apex Legend Map. The post was titled “Alleged Minimap For Rumored Titanfall Battle Royale Game”. Obviously, it isn’t the same map we see today in the game but many parts of it are still the same.

Since this map was allegedly leaked back in March 2018, the map has a lot of similarities and some differences to the playable map today in the game. Things that have carried on to the current playable version of the map include names of certain locations such as Cascades and Skull Town. Most of the layout seems to be the same. Jackfrags suggests it’s as if someone has rotated the map from what we see in the game.

The comments on the original Reddit post were horrible! Most users didn’t take the idea of another battle royale game too well. It’s quite ironic considering Apex Legends is now at the top of the battle royale chart.

The Apex Legends community also speculates that the user who leaked the map, “HitIconic”, was someone affiliated with the game and this was a publicity stunt in order to create hype about the game. I guess we won’t know for sure unless HitIconic makes an appearance on the webs.

In other news, Apex Legend, as of now might just be getting an Android/iOS mobile platform release across the world soon.