Leak Says Two Zelda Games Might Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Out of this leak, we do already know one of these games to be the confirmation of a Link’s Awakening remake on the Nintendo Switch. Besides the remake of the classic Gameboy title, a leak on GameFAQs and Reddit claims there’ll be one other 2D Zelda game coming out on the Switch.

The leak comes from a user named Vergeben who’s made Nintendo related forecasts before. They haven’t always been accurate so keep that in mind and don’t get too invested in this leak.

Another interesting part of this The Legend of Zelda game leak is that it’s supposed to come out before Link’s Awakening. The latter was already announced which means that this mystery game could be revealed next month even.

The 2D Zelda game claimed to be planned in this leak will also be a Nintendo Eshop exclusive. This means it’s smaller in scale than a mainstream game or even a remake like Link’s awakening.

Whether or not this mystery game is also a remake, remaster or its own original title remains a mystery as well. The Nintendo Switch hasn’t had its own Zelda game yet. Breath of the Wild was a Wii-U port and Link’s Awakening is a Gameboy remake.

What do you guys want out of this supposed 2D Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch? I’ve heard good things about a Link between worlds, the old 3DS title. Otherwise, a new mini-story is always welcome and refreshing isn’t it?

Now Vergeben did successfully predict the appearance of the Castlevania characters in Super Smash Ultimate. This gives their theories some weight, but in the end, it’s still just speculation. There might not be any upcoming 2D Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch planned, so keep that in mind.

An off topic note is that Link’s Awakening might be more than just a remaster. It could contain a few new elements such as multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch. The Zelda games have dabbled in multiplayer games in the past so it’s not too far fetched.

We do know that Turok is on its way to the Switch as well.