The Division 2 Takes a Jab At the U.S/Mexico Border Wall Situation

The upcoming Ubisoft title “The Division 2” isn’t afraid to use real-life politics as a part of its marketing campaign. If you have been following U.S politics for the past few years then you know about the ongoing debate of creating a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico.

Ubisoft’s latest marketing tweet for the game directly jabs at the border situation. In a made-up press release by the Mexican government within the game, Ubisoft took the border wall situation and reversed it with the Mexican government approving funding for the wall.

The in-game press release in an interesting move from Ubisoft considering the publisher wanting to stay out of politics. During a recent statement, Ubisoft made it clear that video games and politics don’t go together. assive Entertainment COO Alf Condelius stated that politics in video games is bad and The Division 2 will avoid it, however, the following in-game pre-release from The Division 2 says otherwise.

Today, Mexico announced a State of Emergency due to instability within the United States government, the risk of those fleeing into Mexico and the possible spread of the virus that has crippled Washington D.C. Along with the announcement, approved fully funding a border wall and will begin work immediately. The border is closed.‘Now is not the time for politics, policies or financial considerations to get in the way of us immediately securing and protecting the people of Mexico’ shared the President of Mexico through his senior press secretary at a brief media briefing yesterday in Mexico City. ‘We have already seen a caravan of U.S. citizens from the East Coast arrive at our border hoping to enter our country for protection, services, and to escape the Dark Zones of anarchy and chaos’.The Mexican government has ordered thousands upon thousands of government troops and national police immediately to the border of Mexico and the U.S. along key border towns and locations to begin implementing the new ‘Zero-Tolerance mandate’ entrance of U.S. citizens into Mexico. The precise cities, locations and the level of force used to keep United States citizens out of Mexico will not be disclosed to maintain national security. The senior press secretary emphasized that there is no risk too small to guard upon, so soldiers, national police and government officials will be trusted to do what they believe is best to secure the border at all cost. While Mexican officials are in contact with a number of key Division Agents, who are fighting relentlessly on behalf of the citizens of the United States, Washington D.C. and Democracy, we have lost both faith and confidence in the ability of the United States government to act in accordance to our long-standing trade, immigration, and financial agreements. And until proven otherwise, the border is closed.

Suddenly a strong move on Ubisoft’s part. It’s not clear whether or not we’ll get to see the border within the game as the game takes place in Washington D.C. Stay tuned for more updates. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an upcoming online action role-playing game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.