EA E3 Press Conference Being Skipped, EA Will Only Do Livestreams In June

E3 this year is looking more and more empty, especially since EA just announced that the EA E3 press conference, part of the event labeled by the company as EA Play, will not be happening this year. The announcement was made more widespread news when multiple Twitter users posted it.

Instead of doing the press conference, EA will be focusing on doing various livestreams that get to show off gameplay from upcoming games and insight from the teams that are developing them. The event will also be moved to the weekend, taking place on June 8 and 9, Saturday and Sunday.

While EA is one of the bigger names in gaming right now and elected to split off and have its own conference, the EA E3 press conference was normally a joke to many gamers, as EA’s horrible public image and cringey attempts to get players into games about sports and car racing, not to mention esports, often meant people were either unexcited or bored.

Previously, Playstation had already announced that it would be skipping E3 for its own event, and if EA doesn’t have a press conference this year that will just leave Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Bethesda to fill the gap. While any publisher would welcome this as an opportunity to blow audiences away, that depends on what these three companies have to bring to the table.

It’s also better for EA that they stay out of the public spotlight this year after a string of failures. Things like shutting down Visceral in favor of remaking their Star Wars game to be open world, which in itself got cancelled, along with the lukewarm reception of Anthem, have soured what little goodwill the publisher already has.

We’ll keep you updated on what comes in place of the EA E3 press conference, but in the meantime hopefully the remaining studios and publishers will be able to blow EA out of the water.