Devil May Cry 5 Nico’s Van Items Guide – Abilities, Equipment, Orbs

Nico’s Van is a shop to serve DMC5 characters so you will find yourself there quite frequently. She can be called from any telephone found throughout the map.

Nico primarily accepts Red Orbs as a currency so be sure to collect a hefty amount before visiting her. The shop can be used to customize move sets for all three characters as well as *get new skills* for them.

Devil May Cry 5 Nico’s Van

There are 3 tabs to explore in the shop. I have listed down the upgrade and items available in each of the tabs.


Some of the basic abilities that add mobility to his gameplay.

The Air Hike allows the player to perform an additional jump in midair while the Enemy Step allows the player to step on them to retain momentum and stay in the air for longer. Both of these can be combined for great maneuvers.

Ability Cost
Air Hike
Enemy Step 15,000

Red Queen
Red Queen is Nero’s beloved sword. You can unlock more combos for it.

Ability Cost
Roulette Spin 6,000
Shuffle 11,000


Ability Cost
Exceed 2 8,000

Devil Breaker’s Tab

Devil Breaker is Nero’s modified arm. It can be equipped with some gadgets.

Equipment Cost Description
Overture 100 Blow enemies with an electric blast or thrust it into foes and detonate from a distance.
Gerbera 100 Lets you cancel attacks with shockwaves or fire a converged beam of powerful energy.
Punchline 200 Offers powerful strikes and flying rocket punches. You can also mount it to move around
Buy in Bulk 400 This is kind of useless, it gives you one of each of the above item, for the same price, so there is no discount.

Equipment Tab

Here you can arrange *Nero’s weapons* an equipment’s before heading into the battle.

Items Tab

Later in Devil May Cry 5, this tab will be unlocked. Here you can buy *Blue*, Purple, and Gold Orb.

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