Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Gameplay Footage Shows Incredible Chaos

After learning more about the game thanks to users digging through the game’s files using the latest patch, we’re finally getting to see and learn more about Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale in a short gameplay tutorial video that was ‘leaked’.

The video shows off various parts of the game’s core mechanics as well as highlighting what players can expect when they finally get their hands on Firestorm. As you can expect from any Battle Royale Game these days, players will parachute down the map from the sky and try to pick up weapons and gear before everyone else.

You can see the footage at the website here.

Ammo and backpack space are limited so it will be best to plan ahead. A literal wall of fire will slowly creep up and surround the player so it is crucial to keep moving. A variety of vehicles will be at disposal which includes tanks, helicopters, boats, and the works. These vehicles allow the player to travel distances but will also put the player at the disadvantage of getting discovered by enemies.

Firestorm will also allow the player to call in for re-enforcements which is particularly helpful when surrounded by enemies. There are three rarities when it comes to weapons: Common, Rare, or Epic. Purple Epics will offer advantages such as scopes, extended magazines, and reduced recoil.

A downed player will have the ability to fire a small handgun, this allows the downed player to hold off until a teammate comes to revive… but this is only till the downed player bleeds out. Battlefield 5’s global community engagement manager F8RGE said this in response to the video leak “Leaks of early versions and information are just that, early”.

When you read or watch something there’s a risk that some of the things that you will see will be different when things release. Just wanted to flag that some information may change over time.

From the response, it’s clear that DICE might just have more things to show us in the future. The company is clearly disappointed and never intended for the gameplay leak. Fans are advised to keep an open mind till the game’s release as somethings will be removed or added. Stay tuned for more updates on Battlefield 5: Firestorm. Battlefield 5: Firestorm is a battle royale game for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.