Respawn Talks About Apex Legends Season 1 Changes And Balancing

The new battle royale by Respawn Entertainment and EA has been really killing it recently with already  50 million users within a month. Of course, there are a few issues with the game that have been noticed by not just the community but also Respawn themselves. That’s why the developers took to Reddit and spoke about Apex Legends season 1 changes and balancing.

Regarding the principle behind their balancing within the game, Respawn spoke about that as well. They emphasized on wanting less frequent and more impactful balance changes which are also tested before implementation.

“You shouldn’t have to read our patch notes every few days just to keep up with how characters and weapons now work.”

Not sure who this was shade at but we can have a few guesses here and there. Anyways, let’s talk about the exact changes that they mentioned.

Your favorite weapons have been nerfed guys. The Wingman not only fires slower, but its hip fire accuracy has also been reduced. At least the range and damage drop off remain the same so we can still definitely get those long range pop-offs. Don’t count on winning close range engagements with just hip-firing though.

The Peacekeeper shotgun was the second fallen warrior. The Peacekeeper hasn’t been too severely nerfed, however. The chamber pump animation has just been elongated a bit alongside the shotgun choke functioning differently.

Another change that should be good news for Havoc and Devotion users is that energy weapons and ammo are easier to find. Respawn must’ve added this after the Energy weapon category got a new addition.

The biggest change included with the Apex Legends season 1 balancing has to be the talk of Hitboxes. Every character has the same amount of HP and movement speed. But then thick boys like Gibraltar and Caustic suffer from their larger hitboxes.

Respawn talked about their balancing including a few hitbox tweaks to these characters to make matchups fairer. We’ll see what happens in the future though.

Still no word on the rumored new Legends though.

Source: Reddit