Nintendo Mobile Microtransactions Not The Focus, No Moneymaking Tactics

Nintendo has put its foot down hard in regards to Nintendo mobile microtransactions, preventing developers and partners who want more opportunities for revenue generation in its mobile games from going too far in games like Dragalia Lost, Super Mario Run, and others. The company wishes to keep its name’s positive reputation.

Mobile games are no stranger to a huge amount of different ways for microtransactions to rear their ugly heads. Whether it’s games like Candy Crush that offer you the opportunity to buy new tries at levels, gacha games where you can pay for in-game materials to buy new characters, or town-management games where you can pay money to speed up construction.

However, Nintendo, being the excellent company that it is, has firmly told its partners that work on their various mobile games to rein in their efforts to try and milk more money out of players. The decision is especially notable since Dragalia Lost has brought in over $50 million in player spending.

Nintendo only began releasing mobile games anyway to satisfy its shareholders, who were wanting more revenue, and it’s found a good measure of success in them, ranging from Pokemon Go (slowly regaining its popularity as Niantic releases more content), Super Mario Run, and Dragalia Lost, all of which have done fairly well in their own releases before Nintendo mobile microtransactions became an issue for the company.

Considering the huge backlash that’s happening against most games involving microtransactions these days, Nintendo mobile microtransactions being reined in by the company itself is probably one of the best ideas they can do. While regular microtransactions are alright, if the partners go too far Nintendo could end up bearing the brunt of the negative press.

With that in mind, hopefully players can enjoy Nintendo’s various mobile games without having to be worried about getting nickel-and-dimed for every in-game item, so if you’ve been thinking about downloading Dragalia Lost or getting back into Pokemon Go, now’s the perfect time.