New Details Surface About Battlefield 5 Firestorm, Gameplay, Vehicles and More

So yeah, the Battlefield 5 battle royale mode still exists guys. It’s on its way, anytime now. I know it’s easy to forget amidst all the other hype. But this reddit user dug through the game files to find more details about Battlefield 5 Firestorm, all within this here leak.

Here’s what he/she claims is the official description of the game mode.

“Do whatever it takes to survive. Compete solo or in a team to be the last one standing in a vast and dangerous world. Scavenge for supplies, outrun the Firestorm, and fight your way to victory.”

With that out of the way let’s see what Battlefield 5 Firestorm has in store for us.

Game Mode Start

  • three variants: solo, duo (2 player teams), squad (4 player teams) with a player maximum of 64 per match

  • typical Battlefield classes will be present / choosable (snippet: ui/shared/widgets/classinforenderwidget)

  • the code shows signs of an LFG system and “backfilling” entries

  • will have a separate ranking system

  • will (probably) occur in Tides of War – at least the code for a connection is already there

  • takes place in Norway (snippet: “/sparta/casablanca/royale/dk_norway-bd00e4f9.png” – also the level name itself contains the word “norway”)

  • you parachute from a plane into the war zone (snippet: Paradrop_Exit)

  • your hud will show an altimeter during the free fall/flight (snippet: ui/ingame/hud/widgets/parachutealtimeter)


Regarding the gameplay, DICE is following the staple battle royale mode features. You parachute down, collect weapons, items and other kinds of loot. You can also acquire a backpack to increase the capacity you can carry. Items on the map have rarity tears that are color coded and finally, the map closes in with a lethal circle. The game mode is most likely primarily first person since it’s Battlefield 5 after all.


Weapons will have categories as well as tiers. Categories being divided most likely by how the weapon fires, its range, damage, etc. Here’s specifically the code the reddit user found.

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Bayonet

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Bipod

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__DetachableMag

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__ExtendedMag

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__FastBullets

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__HeavyLoad

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__IncendiBullets

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__QuickADS

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Slug


Vehicles in the leak were quite varied from airships, trucks, cars and even tanks. It’ll be funny to see a tank rolling around in the tiny circle during the end game closure phase as well. Regarding the specifics of the code:

  • Helicopter

  • StaffCar

  • SportsCar

  • Schimmwagon

  • pickup truck

  • Tractor

That’s the major brunt of what we could find from the leak. The finer details can be found on the reddit post.

Are you excited for Battlefield 5 Firestorm?