Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals Cassie Cage In A New Gameplay Trailer

Netherrealm Studios is on a roll now with their MK 11 roster reveals day by day. The most recent story trailer gave us a nice sneak peek into the synopsis of the upcoming game. Following up on that was Mortal Kombat 11 unveiling Cassie Cage in this gameplay trailer which you can check out below.

I do prefer this version over the Mortal Kombat X one even though both were great. Her combination here of posh girliness but with a brutal brawler undertone is an amazing blend. It’s also refreshing after how bland they’ve made Sonya Blade.

Following up on other reveals, we also had a showcase of Kano’s abilities mixed in with Cassie’s trailer. His mix-ups and grappling aspect remains strong, carried over from the previous installments.

Can we talk about that fatality though? I mean it was really ballsy of them to put that in. The physics on that fatality were absolutely amazing.

But right, Cassie Cage is yet another confirmation of this leak that’s been the most accurate one so far. If we’re to believe the rest of it, we can expect additions like Frost as well. But still no Mileena!

The MK 11 version of Cassie Cage, just like her MK X counterpart is essentially a combination of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. She is their daughter after all.

This is showcased in her military affiliation, cocky attitude and focus on her opponent’s crotch. They also did a good job of balancing her looks between her parents, the good part probably coming from her father.

I do miss the voice actress from Mortal Kombat X though, she captured Cassie’s sassy demeanor better. Sounding calm and collected while also being invested in the fight itself. This Cassie doesn’t capture that same feeling honestly.

The facial model is arguably better though. Besides Cassie and Kano, the story trailer revealed other characters like Erron Black and Kotal Khan as well. Looking forward to Netherrealm Studios bringing them back for MK 11.