Devil May Cry 5 Red Orbs Guide – How to Farm, Uses

DMC5 throws a lot of new mechanics and tools your way to create variety and fun. For some of these upgrades, you will need to detract from the main path to smash through Orbs to acquire new skills and gear. Here is how to farm Red Orbs via the different methods highlighted in our DMC5 Red Orbs Farming Guide below:

Devil May Cry 5 Red Orbs Farming

The Red Orb is the most prominent and abundant resource in Capcom’s DMC5. In appearance, they can be described as crystallized or solidified versions of demons’ blood.

These serve as the in-game currency allowing you to upgrade existing gear or unlock a new one. The stuff that you can get your hands on include *Devil Trigger enhancements*, higher-tier Orbs, and *a plethora of new skills*.

Red Orbs will also allow you to pay a certain amount in order to revive in a level.

On the highest level, the revive option will consume the Red Orbs to not only give you a second chance after death but also deduct 30% from the boss enemy’s HP you were facing before your untimely demise.

We recommended using Red Orbs for the skills since these add more dynamism and possibilities in the battle by allowing you to perform different combos and situational attacks.

Once you have gathered the Red Orbs one way or another, you can spend these at *Nico’s Shop* for one of the above-mentioned purposes except for respawning after death.

How to Farm Red Orbs?

The most consistent and convenient method of obtaining the Red Orbs remain via exploration.

These are riddled in a bunch of locations in Devil May Cry 5, so always wander around, check every corner, and look around for hidden pathways or elevated platforms where these Red Orbs might be located.

Throughout your journey, you will find Red Orb Fragments to destroy, Red Orb Trees to bring down, and enemies highlighted with a red aura to be eliminated with the latter two methods netting you a huge amount of Red Orbs.

Moreover, even standard foes will drop Red Orbs if you fight stylishly utilizing different moves, weapons, and combos.

Alternatively, you can complete the entire mission with *a higher Style Rank* to get a decent amount of Red Orbs as the reward at the victory screen.

Lastly, if you are the rich-type and do not want to put in the extra effort, you can simply purchase a Pack of Red Orbs from the platform’s store where the location will factor into the cost of the packs.

Farming Techniques

Technically, this is a glitch and maybe patched out in the next upgrade for the game. While it is there, you may as well exploit the farming method.

To begin, you will need to reach Mission 13. At the start of the said mission, you will gain access to Dr. Faust’s Throwable Hat Weapon.

Play the mission as Dante and equip the Level 4 Dr. Faust. If you are not able to unlock that level yet, start with a lower level one and upgrade it.

Now once you have equipped Dr. Faust Level 4 Weapon, continue until the Divinity Statue where you drop down to fight enemies spawning from 4 nests.

With the said weapon equipped, switch into the “Gunslinger G-Stance”. Now, R1/RB while simultaneously pressing B/Circle rapidly to perform an AOE attack that drains Red Orbs from your foes.

Once you have cleared a bunch of enemies and only see a handful remaining in front of you, restart from the checkpoint. You will not lose your Red Orb count so continue to repeat the process and farm Red Orbs.

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