Days Gone Integrates Open World With The Main Story to Minimize Dissonance

Days Gone is the latest addition to Sony’s ongoing single-player exclusives. The game is due to be out in April and combines the zombie genre with an open world setting. Another important part of Days Gone is the story. The developers spoke out regarding how well the game’s story and open world would meld together. One thing they ensured is minimal dissonance.

“I’m glad you noticed the Storylines. We wanted to make sure there was very little dissonance in the open world and the story. We haven’t really shown a lot of the main story yet, but everything you do in this world matters for an important reason. The Storylines mechanics was a way to kinda emphasize advancing the smaller threads in the larger storyline. It’s a way for us to connect the open world activities that the player is doing and kinda frame it in a way that shows why it matters. There is a really tight integration between the two–the story and the open world systems.”

Besides seeing 6 hours of cutscenes, we’ll be seeing connections to them within the exploration of the game’s open world. The way they described it sort of reminds me of how the Witcher 3 incorporated their main story with all the side quests in the game.

Judging by the size of the leaked map we saw recently, that’s a lot of real estates to include the story in. A major part of the link between Days Gone gameplay and story might be visiting locations before and after the zombie apocalypse perhaps?

The Days Gone gameplay we’ve seen so far did showcase some scripted events within the world of the game. Maybe that’s what they meant about the combination of story events with the open world?

Either way, we can’t wait to see the live and dynamic Days Gone open world when it officially comes out.

Source: Gamespot